Sunday, September 13, 2015


Huh??!!?? Blog? Diary? 

               Loh!!!! Hai! Ape khabar? naik berhabuk dah mende alah ni;p ade lagi ke orang tulis tulis blog ni? Old skewl betui :) Apa dah jadi kat aku sekarang ni ek? Last post tahun 2013, skang dah 2015........... So....... Aku dah jadi USAHAWAN! Jeng jeng jeng! :)

              Well, basically I have graduated from Sunway University and might be coming back to my study life as I want to continue my Masters. But as life as it were, I have to make a living and therefore, I intend to open up a cafe in IOI City Mall. Ouh! Ya! I no longer skate at Sunway Pyramid Ice, as coach Bee Leng also has moved to IceScape and so coincidentally Im going to move to Sg Merab, its like...... DESTINY!! Just like the dream, remember? The ice skating dream that I had a while ago? It was frosty, it was white, it was cold, and there I am.... jeng jeng jeng! ;p

             So, after analysing the potential of opening up a cafe there, it happen is not yet there. Its too expensive th rent and the renovation and stuff, so I decided to do a catering business and this idea is actually happen when my BFF ask me to cater her meeting, and there I go :)

            To operate a business is not as easy as I thought it would be, I know its hard but I didnt know it will be this hard! And to be fair to the family, Daddy asked me to go and look or search for fundings or some kind like a kursus and stuff. So I went to SME, PUNB and finally I went to MARA and there is where it all actually the inspirations, ideas, and batu lonjakkan begins. 

            From MARA also I met alot of new faces, girls and boys. Tumbles to alot of new geniuses ideas, but just couldnt make it work. Having alot of possibilities. To emphasis one by one I think 1 entry wont be enough. So basically I am telling you that from wanting to open up a cafe in IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, and now Insya Allah around early of next year Ill be opening up a cafe in Bandar Baru Bangi, and hopefully Allah SWT will lead me and open up tons of opportunities and Rezeki there :)

             Boys? Boy its a DRAMA! Hahah! Im 27 years old now, and most of my friend they are already married at this time. Wait Midah & Zuzu dah kawin taw! Not to each other but to their partners laaa...... So tinggal like a few of us geng yang belum jumpa pasangan masing masing laa. And as to me, yea to be honest, sape yang taknak kawin?? Like seriously, who dont? But I dont want to make KAWIN tuh as my life number 1 goal. Got laaa... jumpe manusia- manusia sana sini dan ada jugak yang I like or have a crush on. Ouh! and one thing about me, if I like a guy like now ;p I dont really try go get close to him as the first place. I like to make friends with guys so Ill be close to other guys first. I do throw hints in hoping he would understand. Be frank, of coz I be frank but somehow or rather I felt there are guys that I had liked that I be frank with and most of it we are involved in a relationship but not as long as I hope, and there are some guy that I couldnt be frank with. I dont know why the bias came from, but it just did, and there only a few guys that I couldnt be frank with. Guys that perasan yang I suka dia tuh ramai lah. Tapi kawan je laa kan ;p 

         Tomorrow Ill be going to Maldives with Su Woei. What?! And WHO?! She is my chinese side cousin. I told you right that I have the chinese blood, so she is my cousin laaa! Who else? ;p And I do hope Ill write about Maldives while I was there. Ill be travelling in a budget of RM3k, for a week. So I hope Ill get to do as much as activities as possible. And I do hope tho, that I will meet my prince charming over there. Haha! Berangan!


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