Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Research Proposal

Dear Diary,
Seriously i have to write 'dear diary' whenever i want to start? hahaa..sometimes i do think myself as silly i could be and sometimes as dumb as hell too. i know its been months from my last update but who can blame me right? ive been busy with stuff, not stuff actually but study! i know ive been a brag about studying in Sunway and bla bla bla, but hey! if you dont appreciate the place where you gained your knowledge, it means you just have no pride and respect. am i making sense? no? well as i said, i could be as dumb as hell sometimes, not all the time ;p

I miss my friends! i miss Kelly, Hamidah, Yasirah, Hannuun, Emil, Umi, Damia, Danial, Izzuddin and not forgetting Shiken <3 ouh! one name, I miss Zam too :( its been a long time since we sat together and talk about stuff, life, rubbish, future. i seriously miss all of you! and im so sorry i cant really hang out or to be involved with all the past gathering. is not i dont want but i really cant. sometimes, i do really have no money to go out, i only got cents and pennies in my wallet, i cant ask from mummy, coz she herself need to use the money for her treatment. im so sorry, please.

Back to the title/topic. i do really feel demotivated by my research. yes im so confident with my research eraly on but after the most horrible bad worst presentation ever id been through, its just like my confidence level with this goes down and vanished! vanished! is no more, i have no idea what to do and to who im suppose to turn too. i know ive blurt it out in FB few days ago but nothing change. the proposal is laying besides me while im typing this, but i have no semangat to open it nor to even read it~