Sunday, April 28, 2013


Dear Diary,
         Today begin with an awful morning, where I woke up being angry because of the dream that I almost scream and I actually punched my bantal peluk and my bantal peluk bang to wall and my heart is beating fast as Im been on a treadmill for half an hour jog. Is no longer a smile terukir on my face whenever I that gentlemen decided to say hello in my dream but from today onward its going to be the worst nightmare.

        Ok whatever! But the mood stretches the whole morning until I started my cooking. Im making Lasagna today! Heeeee :)) !!! I was hype up and getting excited to cook the sauce, smelling the aroma and thinking of what to do, all is jumble up in my head. Letting my body get loose, just go with the flow like always until there this one little situation occur. What the FUCK!!! In the middle of no where and for no reason the situation just occur like....taaaaddddaaaaa!!! My bloods are boiling (ignoring that the sauce is boiling too) and my heart beats more more more and more faster then usual "Who the hell, this fellow thinks he is!!? Just like that?? Am I a robot??" Trying to pushed the situation away and try to calm myself down and concentrate on cooking. Well, everything got much more worse then I could ever imagine. I burned my hand when the hot water spilled on me, didnt get the mirepoix in the right measurement and forget the recipes here and there. So there is a lot of roux incorporated in my lasagna today....haih!!~

      I just feel like crying. Tapi mungkin Allah tuh Maha Adil kan, dia bagi satu berite kurang baik untuk hamba Nya, lepas tuh dia bagi berita gembira pulak :)) Nina call asking whether the Lasagna is ready or not and she told me that everyone is coming to eat = THE KIDS!!! Yea :))) At least hilang jugak rasa sunyi aQ :D Daddy pown excited :)) Once the Lasagna is cooked and baked, 15 minutes later they arrived and Im back smiling again........ Tapi Aisyah demam panas, kesian dia...layu je dia. Dah laa kurus kering, sakit pulak tuh, panas sangat badan dia. Tapi kalau Ben, nampak makanan je...amboi terus ke dapur. Heheehe :)) Terhibur laaa jugak tengok aksi aksi budak budak nih ;p

This is what I did to my lasagna ;p

Sian Adik, toye je muka :((

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear Diary,
         aQ tahu, Allah tidak akan memberikan sesuatu yang aQ tak mampu nak tanggung. Walaupon perit, walaupon pedih tapi Dia tahu aQ kuat, Dia tahu aQ tidak perlu bergantung kepada sesiapa dan Dia tahu diri aQ lebih daripada aQ mengenali diri aQ sendiri. Dan aQ juga tahu yang segala apa yang Engkau berikan, segala ujian adalah semata mata untuk aQ menguatkan diri aQ sendiri dan lebih gagah untuk aQ maju kehadapan. aQ adalah hamba Mu Ya Allah and I am my Mummy's daughter, she is the most strongest person that I would ever know and I know I am just like her. I am strong like her and I can get through all this pain~

Monday, April 22, 2013


Dear Diary,
         Dida and Kak Intan went to Jakarta today, maybe went to buy some material-sewing things that I have no knowledge off ;p Tapi tadi (Since I have to assignments, and I usually start of in the middle of the night so I decided to have an early nap just now) mimpikan Mummy. The situation is probably in the sewing room downstairs and Mummy just came home from Jakarta :))) Mummy was so happy coming back from Jakarta, even though sometimes she do look serious but in a good and happy way. I asked her hows Jakarta and she replied "Best! Banyak kain kat sane cantik cantik and that person wants to come down and see the kilang and kedai Bangi.." I know that Mummy does not really keen to go to Indonesia because of her past experience that she went with Opah Tam before so I asked her again "Bersih ke kat sane..." then she answered "Ok laaa, its improved..." I miss you Mummy, and Im happy that you are happy now <3 :)))

        Selalunye kan, since sebelum Mummy meninggal lagi. Every time aQ mimpikan Mummy 'dia' mesti muncul sekali, he just MUST appear! I dont know why he have to be presence but there he is, even he is not on the same scene at Mummy but he must be in the dream that Im having in the same NIGHT! Tension juga bila asyik-asyik 'dia' muncul kan but at same time I do miss him so Im a bit happy to see him in my dream. Haih! aQ  pon tak tahu la apa kena dengan aQ ni? Meroyan agaknya. In my dream, he was happy posting pictures and updating status in FB :)) Im glad that he is and hope he is really happy now no matter with or without someone but I hope and pray that he is happy with what he is doing currently. I know he is determine kind of person and I cant wait to read up about his current project in the newspaper :)) If not mistaken it will be launch on June, 'dia' cakap laaa... 

         Oh well! A dream is a dream :)) But I am happy to see both of them :D Bye bye for now!~

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Dear Readers,
         Since the numbers at the counter is increasing and I actually could not believe it but Alhamdulillah ada jugak orang nak peduli pasal aQ ;p Ok! I just want to clarify few things (I never thought I would do this but yeah! Im doing doing it!) first of all, maybe some of you are little bit weird on the language that I had been using for this blog and also when I use English you could read a lot of GRAMMAR mistakes all over my post..hehe! ;p Well that is the reason why I called my blog 'My Diary'. I am from Malaysia, and I am a Malay (quarter Chinese) but I dont speak Chinese and was raised by the Malay customs and teaching (a bit British because of my parents but my parents are not British...haih! ;p ). Therefore, my mother tongue is Bahasa Melayu but I also communicate in English as well. And I thank my Mummy and Daddy and my siblings due to the frequent usage of communicating in English. So I hope that explains the mixtures of language in my posts. For the grammar part; The real reason for me to set up this blog is for me to voice out or write out my real life experience. At first, I dont really care whether my blog is being read by others or not, I just want to let it out. So that is why I named it 'My Diary'. Once I write it, I dont bother to correct it or to change what I had wrote because it was my experience and I dont want to, not in this world to change a single bit of what had happen. So, I just write write write TYPE! Then Ill post it just like that :D 

      I hope it make sense to all of you (readers) and Im really really sorry if reading my posts is making you migraine or getting headaches and seeing bunch of ponies running around and jumping the gate ;p just because you want to figure out "what in the world this crazy girl trying to SAY!!!!" ;p  So that is it! I guess...Thank you for reading my posts and I hope you will enjoy my stories :))) 

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Dear Diary,
         Hari nih saye masak Chili Crab. Ahaks!! 1st time masak ketam, selame nih tgk Mummy je masak ketam kan, so today biar aQ laa lak try. Google resipe Chili Crab, kenapa Chili Crab? Sebab everytime aQ nampak ketam, mesti 'Chili Crab' yang terlintas dalam pale otak aQ. So Chili Crab lah! ;p Dan selain daripada itu, Google lah jugak cara cara nak mencuci ketam kan. Gelak laa jugak sendiri bile aQ type kat search bar 'how to clean a mud crab' tapi kalau bukan sekarang bila lagi kan? Better now then never :D

       So pagi tadi gi pasar kat Kelana Jaya, aQ nih jenis memang (tetibe ade lak rama-rama terbang depan aQ.....) yang tak suke ke pasar! Kalau ke Carrefour supermarket cam tuh aQ biase laa kan, so still stick to 'Better now or NEVER' aQ pown gagahkan laa diri bangun pagi, gosok gigi (tak mandi, heheeh sebab pikir nanti gi pasar mesti kotor and bau meletkat) so tukar seluar jeans, pakai baju yang aQ pakai malam tadi tuk tidur, baju Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ;p So pergilah saye dengan Daddy ke pasar (kalau Mummy still hidup, mesti terkejut Mummy tengok aQ gi pasar).

        Time kat pasar tuh kan, bukan main terkejut nye saye "Murah gile ikan! Murah gile udang, sotong, daging. ikan bawal hitam.......freshnye!!" (saya penggemar ikan bawal) dan sebagainye. Tapi tujuan utama still in mind is to find crab! So ade laa 2 gerai yang jual ketam, so amek bakul dan mule lah memilih. aQ rase baju Mickey and Minnie Mouse aQ menjadi factor, makcik kat sebelah aQ offer diri untuk tolong pilihkan ketam untuk aQ, die cakap "adik, nih amek ketam nih...berat nih, banyak isi dia..." So tanpa segan silu, dah ade orang offer nak ajar kan, aQ dengar dan terime saje lah :D at least dapat gak ilmu baru yang aQ tak dapat belajar dalam culinary class ;p

       Dah beli sume barang yang diperlukan then macam biase dalam otak aQ just recalculate laa how much we spend for all the things and its only about RM 40 for all the stuff! As a regular customer of Carrefour, kalau aQ beli sume nih kat Carrefour, mau at least RM 70 cam tuh.... aQ punye laa bangge sebab! 1. aQ gi pasar pagi and I like it dan 2. I save money ;p... kaaachiiinnggg!!! So balik rumah Mimi, then start to cook. I am not going to share the cooking process laa because you can just Google Chili Crab recipe and walaaaa! All types of recipe they will pop-out and I picked the Singaporean style which they also include a video (Chili Crab is a Singaporean national dish ar?? Wahtever laa, as long you Singaporeans are happy). 

        Bila aQ berdiri depan sink and ketam ada dalam sink, aQ tengok ketam dan ketam tengok aQ. Tercengang laa jugak ape yang patut aQ mulekan kan. So cam biase, rendamkan ketam dalam air limau, just to get rid the hanyir smell then pejam mate ingat balik macam mana orang dalam video Youtube tuh buat. So satu satu laa aQ handle, kan kena bukak die nye top shell first, so I have to tarik dia nye somehow or rather the ekor then you get or able to crack the top shell. Dan berjaya! Dalam proses tuh jugak aQ belajar, mana satu jantan dan mana satu betina. Kalau jantan dia punya 'ekor' yang ditarik keluar tuh macam bentuk V, but if betina dia punya end 'V' tuh cam panjang lebar sikit. How I know this? Not from the help of Youtube but one of the crab has TELUR KETAM!! So that is how I learned, wink!~

      Dah habis masak, masa untuk makan! aQ gune resipe yg sebijik cam dalam Google tuh and bile aQ rase kuah die "macam ayam masak merah je, ayam masak merah aQ lagi sedap" so basically I know how to improvised the recipe for the next time I cook it (and I love to improvise :D ) So sume dah duduk dekat meja and cedok menyedok nasi pon bermula, Sha Sha (my niece) she was a bit skeptical on trying the Chili Crab because she never eat crab before and it was cook in Chili (dia tak suke pedas laaa) but her Mom (Kak Su) was like trying to persuade her to try and luckily the Chili gravy that was supposed to be 'Chili' its not that spicy...haih! At first Sha Sha tak nak, and then I was like "buat penat jee Fafa masak, huuuuu.." so I was like "tak pe, kopek and bagi jugak!" So aQ kuar kan isi ketam and just put it on her plate and she goes "tak nak lah!" Then I buat dunno ;p And then her Mom was still trying to pujuk and finally she took it and place it in her mouth "haaa, macam rase udang kan?" There was still more on her plate (haih! rama rama nih, sebelah Skittles aQ jugak ko nak landing) then after her first taste......then..........she finish it all! Muaaahahahhaahahah "VICTORY!!"

       Then there was Daddy a.k.a Tok a.k.a Uncle KFC ;p kan Tok takde gigi, sian tok, so he can only ate the body part and the small small testicles but when it come to the snip-snap of the crab part, he cant bite it. But that part was the marvelous part! The essence of a CRAB!!!!!! So he offered me to take it. So I was like ok. So I use my teeth to bite and 'CRACK!' no my teeth are still attached on my gums, heeeee! But I used my eyes to jeling kat Daddy laaa, and he was like see me like really really tempted. So I ignored at first, and I ate it and I sucked it like nobody business but when I took a bite on the second snip-snap testicles I just bite just to cracked it and gave it to Daddy and say "Nah, Safa dah gigitkan, Daddy kopek je laa..." Then he was like so happy got to eat it like Nazrin dapat keropok like that ;p

      Ouh! About Nazrin a.k.a Charlie a.k.a Captain Jr. He is soooooooo CUTE!! Especially the way he laughed, I just want to bite him! Grrrrrr! Last night, we went outside for dinner and the kakkak at the restaurant sebelah like so 'head to toe' of Nazrin, they tried to approached him, but he got scared but somehow or rather one of the kakkak got to dukung him and they was like so happy, Nazrin buat muka macho! Amboi, mementang aweks aweks dukung dia kan.....kewl jhe ek! ;p

     I think thats all for today. Cheers :)))


Sunday, April 14, 2013


Dear Diary,
         Ya Allah, I love him so much until my heart hurts. My body is in pain and my knees are weak every time I think that he is happy with someone else. I know that I should not think of him but when I held baby Sara in my arms and watched her falling asleep, I just prayed in my heart that I wish I have a baby like her and suddenly his name popped up in my head. Even I do feel annoyed and wanted to shake his name out from my head, but while I looked at baby Sara, I just could not do it and instead I smiled. Im such a fool! Letting him played my feelings like this. And Im such a fool for letting him in for god sake! 

        I deleted him few days ago but I just added him back few hours ago. I could not risk myself on keeping him anymore but at the same time, I can risk myself of letting him go. Its kind of like a 'jongkat-jongket' thing. Ya Allah, what should I do? Getting to know new people? I did that and even there are some potentials, just waiting for me to say yes. But I could not say yes, I could not betray myself and I could not let myself be the old me by having 2 - 3 boyfriends at one time and when I get bored I just dumped them. And that was after  I got hurt by Fique, purely based on vengeance. I dont want to be that person anymore, I am not that person anymore.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Dear Diary,
         Kenapa aQ jadi macam nih?? I dont really think that I had done anything productive for this past week!! Hati tak tentu, demam tuh memangla tengah demam sekarang but at the same time I just could not think straight.  I knew this kindda thing will happen. I knew it that this stuff, stupid stuffs its not worth it all! This feeling is meaningless, HE IS MEANINGLESS!! But what the heck! I just, still go for it. In hoping it will work out this time. Stupid ME! Idiot stupid bitch ME! I dont know what to do, I dont know who to turn to. Mummy is no longer available because she is gone. Nak move on pon macam, I dont know how. Just do my stuff and ignore him, can I do that? Can I just ignored that stupid maniac person that has so much affect on me?? Every time I think about it, it just make me sick and think about that Grosse Salope even make me sicker until I want to vomit all my fats out and transfer to that CHIENNE so that she can be more gros et gras un gros et gras until the world explode!! Ergh! Im such a child.....................

       I cannot be like this. I have to stop this. Once and for all! But HOW? Ouh, God please help me....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dear Diary,
         What Mummy told me is coming true now. Maybe for all these years Im just being so stubborn to face the truth. And yes, the truth its right here in front of me. I could never re-concealed what happened 2 years back. I could never amend the damages that I had voluntarily done. But I cant be just friends. But I cant bare to turn him as my enemy. The thought of losing him again, well it was never an 'again' it was actually a done deal. Rephrase? The thought of losing him really scares me and make me really sick in my stomach until I had to force myself to vomit just to make the thought get away. Dont worry, Im not a bulimic if that is your concern, I am still fat as a cow, but at least not as fat and dermatology 911-mayday as she is! 

       Huh! I think I need to get through this, alone or not, its not the main thing. The main thing is, I still have many things that I must achieve and I still have my own personal hobbies and interest to keep occupied. And with that I hope Ill get him over with soon. And by the fact that Im actually an expert to hide away my real affections or feelings on someone, I think I can take that as my special features. Who needs a man anyway? I could me more successful without having to worry or taking care of another heart.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Dear Diary,
         So ini adalah sambungannya. After the tak cukup kenyang lunch, WH ushered us the next activity and it is the Leap of Faith (buat bunyi macam Where The Money Drop). Ok now here is how the game goes. There this one tall and big tree and ada macam besi dibuat tangga to climb up and there is a small like 2 feet by 2 feet platform and the height from the ground to the platform is about +- 10 meter. So just imagine the fear that was been installed in each of us to climb up! And once your up there are this one bar (just imagine monkey bar) like 1 and half feet from the edge of the platform. So what are we suppose to do, is to climb up to the platform and when you are up there STANDING, you must jump and reach and hang at the monkey bar then let go and drop down.

        So the 1st victim is Nic. Wah! So confident ar this fellow. Hehe, actually the reason for why he is going 1st because he volunteered to be the model on how to put on the safety harness. YES! There are safety harness attached on the climber and jumper body. Engkau gila tak ada safety harness and just FYI, we don't buy any insurance before coming to Outbac Broga, heeeee! So bacause Nic was the model therefore, he has to be the first who climb and jump! So there he goes, so confidently walking towards the tree "On Bayer" he said to WH and "Bayer On, Climb On" WH answered back to Nic then Nic started his climb. So he climb la, and he reached the platform and once he stepped on and looked down "Oh SHIT!!" and his face were pucat, so pale and he started not wanting to go down and ask WH to give him 5 minutes. Hehehe...we looking from down here were laughing like mad seeing Nic acting such way ;p But he did jumped after 7 minutes up there and he managed to grabbed the monkey bar and we was like "Wwwooo!" and clapped then he let go and WH slowly rolled Nic down.

       Im not really sure who went after Nic, I think its WJ but SI stole the light ;p she was so funny and cute as a button at the platform and so frightened up there until I think she going to fainted. Actually, once your up there, there will be no way going down except to jump because to climb down will be so much scarier and dangerous then jumping. SI was really scared up there until Steph have to come by and talked to SI to close her eyes and put her hand on the harness and just walked-off the platform. So she did as been told. Well most of us managed to jump and grab the bar except for me, Queenny and SI. And as for my experience, it was scary and my tummy tighten like hell and my knees like no bone, haahah but I just gulped it in and try to act cool (aku kan MACHO! ;p ) So "I dont think I can grab the bar can or not" then WH answered "At least try to grab the bar laa" So ok "1 2 3!!" then I jump and I closed my eyes and didnt see what is in front of me so I dont grab the bar and just go down. Heh! But at least I jumped right! I know I cant do it because my legs are not that strong as it used to be before the second comma I had in 2008. But I know that I must, MUST to work on it more :))

      So the third and fourth activity that we did is wall climbing and kayaking. Nothing much to tell here because nothing interesting happen. But for me personally, the part that I like when doing wall climbing is when you come down...because it was so cool to go down that way. You bounced off the wall ;p its like absailing just you dont have to hold and release the back rope. For kayaking its kayaking lah! Its like free and easy activity. Its the fourth activity that is really happening, and what it makes it more interesting, they placed the activity at the last slot and we are mostly ran out of energy and for me Im whacked! But hey, I came here to try everything and have FUN, so I just participated even though Im tired, ignored it!

     Its the water obstacle where there are 5 different obstacles and we are suppose to choose one way to go to the middle of the lake, and another way to go out. So there is one obstacle which looks like a tangga but it was being lay like a bridge and a wobbly rope to hang on to catch the balance. And one more is a rope to walk and a rope to hold. Another one is a batang pokok that is being lay down across the pond, so its look like a balancing beam la kan. Second last is few arranged tires that goes to the middle of the lake. And last but not least is 2 plastic tank (I dont actually know what it calls) and you have to balance and sit on it and pull yourself to the middle of the lake (later Ill post pictures so that you will get clearer picture). And I was so terrible in balancing (even though Im a skater) therefore, there are a lot of falling inside the lake incidents. And because of that went I want to choose the way to go out, I thought I choose to sit in the balancing beam and pushed myself, but it is much more harder then I thought, my hand have no strength at all! Adeh!~ And I think Im the reason that my team lost the game and as the punishment we had to sing while half of our body in the water. Hahahaah! So I feel like Im responsible for the loss, so I lead the sing-along with Titanium song, heeeee! Thats the only song that came out in my head :)))

      So the day end. It was awesomely FUN! I was so happy that I had this opportunity to join this trip and its so worth it! I always loved outdoor activities especially the adventurous kindda type. I am an out goer, but just because the second comma is like a real big bummer for my life and also my body. I never thought that after the second comma I would have any chance to do the thing that I love again. Even though when I had my chance, but I have no confident in myself, Im scared I'll be just a troublesome to the others later. But after my skating, I realize that everything happen for a reason, and backing up from the things that I love is not the reason I had my second comma. So after I realized that I can actually managed skating, my confidence did boost up along, I fell like "Hey! If I can ice skate, what else I cant do.." so when I over heard the conversation between Jia Rong and Stephanie (although is in Chinese) I just step into the conversation and agreed! And Im glad that I did :))) So, there will be more to come of me doing all these outdoor activities. I do really want to do paragliding, but maybe Ill try to finish all the activities that Outbac Broga has to offer first. Nic did want to come back for other activities that they offer like waterfall absailing, white water rafting and maybe again...caving :) So maybe Ill work on more to build up my body strength because there a lot more adventures that yet to be explore.......Hope Ill get to update you readers more after this. Bye! :D


Dear Diary,
             Yesterday (06042013) me and Suek Ih, Li Lu, Wei Jing, Quenny, Eilain, Nic, Tommy, Kah Meng, and Yee Hong (10 of us) decided to do something different. Actually I was the replacement of one of my classmate Stephanie who could not make it due to her sickness, so it is something that I love to do and I was doing it really frequently before, just after the 2nd comma in 2008, I have not gotten the chance to do it again, so bulan jatuh ke riba, I just grab it laa! ;p 

Reminder: This post will be mix in language (English + Bahasa Melayu = Manglish) but I will try to type it in a correct spelling if I write something in Malay so that anyone of you readers does not understand Malay at least you can Google Translate it ;p

            The organizer for this trip is Wei Jing, she is one of my classmate since diploma. So she started a group in FB planning an outing for us classmates and so she suggested to go for Outbac Broga and have some adventure where the Outbac Broga provide outdoor activities for their guests. So Wei Jing (WJ) purchased a group tickets from Groupon. So the trip was set on Saturday (means yesterday) and we went fron Sun-U to Queeny's place and drove to Broga.

             We were suppose to arrive at 9am, but we did arrived a bit late but no harm, the activities also started a bit late, so win-win situation laa kan ;p We were welcome by one of the facilitators and asked us to wait at the dining hall while waiting for another faci, Steph to give us a briefing before the activities started. It was an open dining hall and it was located in an area where they set-up a game called Leap of Faith. Therefore, while waiting we watched this another group of participant accompanied by 1 faci doing this Leap of Faith thing. So while watching, all 10 of us was like "Owh shit! so scarry!!" "its so high..." and I was cool and chill and smile but in my heart "Fuck! can I reach that bar....shit!" then Steph came into the picture and give us briefing.....(Ill talk about how this Leap of Faith game work later).

             So, our 1st activity is Caving! So Steph brief us about the Do's and Dont's and what to bring and etc laaaa. Dont bring any electronic things, because in the cave we are needed to dive in a water/river, and any valuable things. Wear covered shoes, if you didn't bring it or wearing a RM400 shoe and sayang nanti rosak, you can purchase a Adidas rubber shoe (Kampung shoe, she called) it's rubber and comfortable and its water proof and it only cost RM10.00. If any on us wear any spectacles please tied it and if dont have you can also buy it and you are not required to bring any back-packs and only required to bring torch-light and water bottle ONLY! So, there we go, anything we don't have we buy at the auntie shop inside and all our valuables we putted in our car (and speaking of car, there some incident happen which Im going to talk about it later ;p )

             Ready, Set, Go! From the Outbac Broga camp we need to ride a lori ayam, to get to the place where we need to hike up about 20 minutes before arrive at the cave. We were combined with some of the students from UNITAR and we were lead by 3/4 facilitators. So when we reached there, before we start hiking, the faci gave us a short briefing and I dont actually remember what he talked about and most of the time is in Chinese but luckily one of the faci translate it to English for me. Well what can I do, Im the ONLY ONE MALAY in the whole big group...hahaah! But no heart taken because Im already used to it ;p

             We start out hiking and there are some obstacles and narrow slimy road and bumpy road and high cliffs, but we survive all that even though, I did fall or stumbled and tripped few, MANY times, hehe. But luckily I was between Nic and Yee Hong (YH) so they helped me a alot :) and of cos, our faci WH :)) So done hiking and arrived at the mouth of the cave, it was a very narrow entrance to start with and a lot of bending required. At this stage, Im thankful to Allah SWT that made me not too tall and not too short ;p just right proportion to helped me through the caving expedition :) The cave was really really dark, and not only that plus its narrow and small, it also have running water in it, my guess waterfall is somewhere near because the water runs so fast and its COLD and REFRESHING! Of course laaa, mineral water maaaa. So other then getting dirty, we are also getting wet. There were so many rocks in the cave, which we have to bend, crawl and even lay down on the ground to pass though it. And not to forget, there this one part where we have to dive and swim because we were passing this one hole and while we dive and swim, we need to navigate our body to the right so that we dont get banged by the sharp rock on the left and you cant see a thing under water ;p

          Nic did mentioned that he did went through a though time in some certain places in the cave where the opening is not an opening is a rabbit-hole! It was so small and I really wonder, can my fat-Beyonce-ass get through ;p So thats why Im pretty save to have Nic In front of me and YH is behind me. Because both of them really helped me a lot and YH acted more like a big brother even I was older then him......sweet right! I did struggled in the cave, but I make sure my self not to scream, tapi melatah "opocot mak kau" tuh adalah kan :D banyak kali pulak tuh. Because once I scream, Ill get panic and everything will going to be wrong, so I managed to calmed myself the whole journey and listen to the instructions were told by WH, Nic and YH :)) (Im such a good student!) And Im still alive today! YEAY!!! I'm bulletproof bebeh ;p

       When we were almost reached the exit, the obstacles that I went through is sharp rocks. I did have scratches in my fingers but I'm scratches-free from my arms, thighs and the whole body unlike my other friends. Hehe, Suek Ih (SI) called me a "show-off" because I did prepared myself well to no-to-scratch by wearing a long pants and long sleeved shirt while trekking and caving :D and did manage to avoid the mosquitoes love-bite also, heeeeeeeee....yea I'm such a "show-off" heheehe :D So while climbing out to the exit or "the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel" we still need to shoveled our body through tiny holes and FRESH AIR AND CLOUDY DAY! Means, I already get out from the cave laa wei!

       So the final part is, we climbed up, so now we need to climbed down. So this particular path I did use my big-Beyonce-ass to help me go down by SLIDING! Because the caving only already flushed out all strength and power in my body and my legs are already wobbly. And then, here we are again in the lori ayam going back to the camp to have our lunch. 1 bungkus nasik with kari ayam and sayur and telur goreng for that lunch yesterday, TAK CUKUP!!! :B

p/s: Wow! there are so many perenggan just to write about the caving ONLY. SO maybe Ill stop here and continue about the other games later tonight. Ill see you later :))