Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guy Talk!

Dear Diary,
         Last night I asked Mummy "Ma, do you think I will ever get married?" and Mummy answered "Hish! Why are you thinking of getting married? Awak ada banyak lagi benda yang awak nak buat." And I said "Takde laaa, it's just a question do you think I will ever get married tuh jhe" and Mummy said "Ntahlaaa, aQ tak tahu nak jawab soalan itu."

       Before I continue, let me introduce the nicknames of the guys that me and Mummy talked last night:
1. He is charming, kind but Duween said "Mata dia juling" haha & likes to eat Double Cheeseburger. So lets call him Double Cheeseburger.
2. He is an really really old friend of mine, known him since high school & dulu sampai sekarang same jhe rupe dia. He is Big Mac.
3. He is also an old friend and know him since high school but to compare him before and now he is much more primp and handsome then before. So lets call him French Fries (there is another factor why i call him that, figure it out ;p ).
4. Another guy, I know him since college. Since he is the latest that I know so I called him Chicken Foldover.

Wondering why I'm giving the guys McD nicknames? Been doing that high school, so I also don't know why.

       So after, asking Mummy the question above, Mummy did say one thing "Asalkan kamu tak kahwin dengan laki orang sudah. Itu aQ tak bagi." Then I answered her back, what type of men do you want me to get married with? Mummy's 1st criteria is not someone else husband, although he is divorcee but CANNOT!  Second, look at his family, pick someone that is from educated background, not meaning his family must have a PHD from oversea or what so ever. But pick someone that the family is well educated, well to do (they doesn't have to be a duke or rich) and open minded. And finally, he himself has to be well educated and can managed himself. Not someone that only talks, but do nothing (I can't give any specific example here ;p).

        So, I asked for some examples from my friends. My mom knows all my friends, guys or girls she knows all. If she doesn't know, she will never let me go out with my friends. So among all the guy-friends that Mummy knows, I picked the top 4 that I think that quite suit the criteria. And by the way, I don't really have so many guy-friends that really stick as a friend. So I said "Macam Double Cheeseburger?" Then Mummy answered "I don't really think he is a good choice" then I asked "Why?" then she said "Just look at him, you can never stand with a guy like him anyway. And look at his friends, especially his girl-friends, all is the rugged, outgoing and go-out-at-4-in-the-morning type and from well-to-do-family, he will only choose a girl that is from 'rich' background and anyway he himself does not convey himself as a confident stand-own-his-feet guy. Can you stand with him if you had a husband like that? And do you think he will lay-off his friends after he get married?" OK! I couldn't answer Mummy's questions or more to say like an 'attack' haahah! So I said "Ok then, forget bout getting someone like Double Cheeseburger, how about Big Mac?" And Mummy answered "He is well-stable-kind-of-guy. I don't think his the type of a party guy, well he socialized but he knows his limit and he is a smart guy too. Bukan nak tengok handsome jhe, perangai pown kena tengok jugak." Aik Mummy dah macam perli nih ;p "Owh ok, so I need to find someone like Big Mac, check!" 

        Then I asked about French Fries. "He is ok too. Family-wise and his own life is ok. But he does look a bit immature." Hahaah! I have to second that! ;p For French Fries is half-half check! And last but not least, Chicken Foldover, "I don't know much about him." OooO-Oh so Chicken Foldover  is very 'NEW' indeed ;p. But Mummy did say in the end "It doesn't mean that you have to end up with your own circle of friends. You may end up with someone that is very new and you just know. But pick the guys wisely. Don't pick someone that doesn't fit yourself nor the family. Pick someone that is the same level as you are and see his background and family as well" End of conclusion. So! Big Mac-kindda-similar-guy WHERE ARE YOU? ;p.

        Sebelum terbentuknya penilaian daripada readers. My Mom is not that kind of picky-person. She is very open-minded person and cool person when you get to know her. To be honest, most of my friends like my Mom very much. She is not the type that Mak Bedah gossip kat Mak Minah kindda type. She is very outgoing. She don't mind with who I'm being friends with, but when talking about getting married, well she knows me more then I do, so she knows my characteristics and attitude well enough so she knows or see something that I don't know or see. So Mummy bukan memilih suruh end-up dengan anak raja or what. If end-up dengan anak raja pown, but perangai macam anak setan, Mummy still reject ;p . And for me to be talking about this with Mummy is kind of FUN :D It's surprising what Mummy really sees in my friends that I sendiri terlepas pandang or memang tak nampak. A mother will always be a mother, she just want the best of the best for her children. And as for me, bukannye aQ nak kawin sangat pown. Just tengok Mummy's current condition right now, if I don't have this conversation last nigh I'm scared that I never will. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogsode (2)

Dear Diary,
         Damn it! I let time get control over me once again! Thank you time, thank you very much! argghhh! It's so frustrating when I have so many things to do in so little time. I thought I only faced it when it comes to studying, but it also mangle with my own personal, activities, life! Ugh! I just hate it when it all went......I don't know where it went coz I already lose control of it! AAaaaAAaaaAAAAAaaa!

         Skate Asia is coming up, 2nd August and my event is Saturday & Sunday! And Skate Asia it's not like Skate Malaysia where I still can take up the Student Practice Credit to practice a day before competition, the rink will be closed starting Monday. And I'm still struggling with the routine and I thought I can practice it tomorrow (Friday) morning, last practice. But NO! My practical confirmation have to come NOW! Plus Daddy is coming down to Subang to do some arrant and he will also going to pick me up to Bangi. And (how many 'and' laa!) I have to take a confirmation letter from Ms Merry tomorrow, before I report myself on Monday. Ouh! Before that, my internship will be at Holiday Villa Subang, thank you. And I just knew it before buka puasa just now. Haish! Now the only choice is, if I still want to go to practice I need to ask Joji to drop me at the rink early in the morning (Subuh) sebab sehaluan for him to go to work. Then 8.30am I have to rush to college to collect the letter. My Goodness! My life is damn good!

         I know I'm supposed to take this skating thingy for fun. But I just couldn't or can't let my partner down. Ok, I'm still at the beginners level (me & Clare) but Clare is looking forward to this competition, if you just see her eyes and excitement, I just can't let her down. I have to do my best, to make the routine perfect, do it for Clare & for me of course and not forgetting for Coach BL. Because me and Clare are partners, so therefore I must make sure my movement is on my blade not butt (if u get what I mean). 

         I know Skate Asia will be exciting! I just can feel it :D But just the timing for me to prepare myself is the problem. Haiyaaa! Why laa like this! :( 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Exam O-V-E-R

Dear Diary,
            EXAM IS OVER!!!! WOOOTTTT!! But I'm a bit scared hows da result going to be like. WAHTEVER laaa dont want to think, now is the time for me to focus on my Skate Asia 2012, that is on 2-9 of August and my both event falls on the 4th of August :))) so need to practice on my backward wiggle & be accurate on the melody of the song!

          Back to the story, after the final paper last Friday, we (the whole class, except Li Lu) went to Itallianies to celebrate our success-NESS of the Garden Of Light event. Supposedly, Mr D is joining but he had a meeting, so he couldn't join. So sad! So we went to Itallianies and sat and ordered laaa. There are 2 menus, one is the value lunch menu and one is ala carte menu. And as usual I will look for Lasagna...beef. So there is 2 lasagna, one is in the value lunch meal which it only cost RM20 including the drink and appetizer, and one is in the ala carte which is RM34 sumting laaa. So, I asked the cute waiter (damn! the waiters there are super handsome! SWEET!!) is the portion for lasagna ala carte and value meal is different, he said yes. because the ala carte one is made for sharing 2 person, and the ala carte is for 1 person portion laa. So, since we can spend like RM32 (money from the event) each, so I decided to go for ala carter one, is worth of the money and is just 2 person size portion, so whats the harm kan! And I ordered drinks too, non-alcoholic of course, but Nic and Marcella ordered beer..and boy! they are drunk, especially Nic..superb!

              So few minutes later my food came, the lasagna that is suppose to be for 2 person came, and the lasagna is HUGE!!!! and CHEESY and YUMMY! Is super super humongous, that it is not for 2 but it is for 4 person sharing!!!! MUAHAHAHAAHA! So for me to be kind (as if!) ;p , I offered other people to taste (because once i start eating, dont bother me!) so some of them did take some and in my mind ok good less food to finish, and then I start eating. The first 10 scoop of  lasagna to my mouth is wonderful and delicious, but when it comes to the 11th scoop, my dear Allah, I just want to puke (muak). But I dont want to throw out RM34 plus plus away, so I decided to eat it slowly, so I took my generous and ample time to eat it and seriously I MANAGE TO FINISH IT ALL! victory! And other type of food like the cake (we celebrated Felyn, Queeny and Han Ying birthday) I just have to say NO. my tummy is totally bloated and couldn't be tugged-in, like im pregnant! yet Im so great full tht I wore baju kurung.. hahahaahaha but watever it is, is a wonderful experience, and not going to have ala carte lasagna in Itallianies anymore, unless there is a person tht want to share with me. But I definitely go to Itallianies for Lasagna :))

              So after the celebration, we went for karaoke at RedBox (I owe Kasim RM14 for that) ;p so we sat in there for few hours and we sang our heart out!! Its surprising to find tht Nic and PJ is a good singer, nice voice....and seriously surprising to find out that Siti Nurhaliza's song Bukan Cinta Biasa is known to all of basically I called tht 1 Malaysia song! ;p

              It was a huge relive to all tht after the exam. The papers really deliberately killed us for having 5 conservative papers in 5 straight days, no break in the middle at all...AT ALL! Its killing our brain, head, body and every cells in our body...So for having this, really remove mountains of burdens off our shoulders :))


Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear Diary,
           Damn! Skate Malaysia 2012 finally over! Its weird, last year I'm one of the people who helped to keep the event running & this year, I'm one of the contestant. Pelik tapi benar. But WAIT! Me? I skate? I mean seriously, ice skating..not normal skate on wheels or board but ice? ye ke? Haahahah! Until now I still cant believe that I did this sport. But HELL YEAH! I CAN ICE SKATE & IM PROUD PEOPLE! PROUD! Im ROUND and SKATING :D Ok ok...dont start to overwhelmed myself...but who cares! I CAN SKATE! hahaahahahaahaha! :D

          What makes me skate? Well, I wanted to learn skating since forever. Since I was in high school. Its just Im not capable in transporting myself (rase cam time travel jherk) from Shah Alam to Sunway Pyramid. So, in the end, I couldnt learn how to skate. But I did skate for few times when I was in high school. The dream of learning how to skate, I just kept to myself I guess & by the way, that time I already taken up Taekwondo as my sport. FOCUS ON ONE! On what motivated me to skate is, I like to watch the ice skating movies & I like to watch people do artistic on ice (I watch on tv when they have some competition or performance) so, I was like "I want to do that, one day" "I will get to do that". Watching people move on ice flawlessly following the music and dance like a flying-ballerina makes smile & it was breathtaking. Even today, when I see Mirren Kaur skate, It just swept me on my feet & not forgetting Nicholas & Julian. That was when I started to like ice skating.

          Remembered when people asked me about my comma "mase awak koma dulu pernah mimpi apa apa tak?" let me translate "when I was in comma, did I ever dream about anything?" and my answer was "I dont know" I answered that because I do dreamed and felt like I was in somewhere and doing things that I cudnt describe but it was a long journey, I was in comma for 4 months & how am I suppose to tell the whole thing? So my simple answer is I dont know. Ok back to the story. Why suddenly relate comma with ice skating? Merepek kan aQ nih? ;p Well its because, I did dreamed myself ice skate when I was in comma. I dont know if the readers gonna believe me or not, its for me to decide because I was in the comma so only I know what I dreamed of. But in my dream, I was a bit thinner then now (hahahah! maybe in the future) I was skating in circle, gracefully and without falling :D yeah! In the future! TARGET! ;p

           Therefore, after I recovered from the comma, I make a checklist, because at that moment I know that life is short and uncertain, so I have to grasp all the possibilities and opportunities that may come towards me. And ice skating is definitely in my checklist. So I got myself to Sunway University taking diploma and after the canopy bridge was build, I often walked to Sunway Pyramid and my first pit-stop was the ice rink (0.05 possibilities yall might think it was McDonald RIGHT? but that was my second pit-stop ;p ) I stopped and looked down on the ice rink & prayed that one day Im able get to do that because I know I will. There is one day, Alan brought me to ice skate. And it was horrible. I couldnt balance myself and the whole skating trip I hold the side. Well, I do have a little bit problem with my balance after my comma. A 'little'. But it dosent stops me from from trying, since then, when I have the opportunity, I go down to the rink and skate, even though I have to hold by the side. But I still keep on coming.

           After my diploma, I worked at the rink as the Skating Academy assistant (and I was recommended by the rink manager, cool rite!) so, then is when all of this begins. And now Im under the coolest-coach-ever! Coach Bee Leng. And I just finished my first ice skating competition and focusing to the next competition Skate Asia 2012 in August. Well, Im still in the beginners lever (pre-Alpha) but I wont stop until I get my Freestyle level Insya Allah. And not to forget, I wont be able do this without Allah SWT help. HE is the one that gave me the dream and with HIS blessing & care, HE gave me the strength and gave me back my balance and courage to do this. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: dah macam GRAMMY award nye speech dah aQ rase ;p