Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Dear Diary,
          funny thing happen today. So early this morning I decided to go skating for practice. I just fail when any elements got to do with crossing ;p haha! But yea, went skating this morning. Saje nak nyebok, Tom Yam is really damn good for digestion but u kena letak serai halia sume laaa...semalam masak, hari nih sume keluar ;p

          OK! back to the story. I met a friend, dah lama gilak tak jumpe and also he skate, so I was like kind of excited laa jumpe dia kan and to make things more clear, my friend was a HE. So tegur laa kan of course! Then borak tanya kabar and bla bla bla, he brought a friend which is a girl. But dia tkde laa introduce kawan pompan dia kat aQ. But she maybe her first time skate, so my friend (ok, name him Z) guide her laa in the rink. a while after that, they went out but Z came back in and skate so we skate together and at the same time we chatted laa kan, tkkn nak nari hindustan kat dalam rink tuh...hahaa!

          Make long story short, the girl (name her A) get a bit confius I assume and ask me a question. I was outside resting on the bench at this time and Z was still inside skating. Me and A talked at first, normal talk talk laa then she popped up the question:

A: U dgn Z kawan dari bile?
Me: Dari mule skate dulu, last year kot..
A: U mmg skate ekh?
Me: Ha'ah, dulu saje saje je but skang bleh jd student lak..
A: OOoooOoo....
A: U dgn Z ade pape ke, sbb dia tk pernah pon sebut pasal U..?
Me: (terkejut!) Ade ape yg cmne? Z ngn I kawan skate je..tk lepak pon lepas skate...
A: ouh....

When I tried to look at her face, her face was a bit red and serious...

Me: U..sorry ek, kalau U risau I ngn Z, we both dont go more then just friends and by the way, I dont even like or into guys. (straight poker face! And with confidence!)
A: What?
Me: (I just nodded spontaneously)

Patu ape lagi....cabut masuk ice rink laa kan! muaahahaahah! then at 12.30 noon I decided to went home laa, dari kul 7am kot ade kat rink..tercaboot kaki bai! Sekali whatsapp masuk

Z: Weh! A ade cite...betul ke?
Me: Betul mende?? (wat wat tktaw)
Z:  Ko gay?
Me: Gay ke guy?
Z: That U dont like guys.....
Me: U think???
Z: Ur haircut got style already..... ;p
Me: Ham-sap lu! hahaahahaaha....

The other conversations, I no need to put here ok...panjang........................ ;p

        Moral of the story is, even tho Im gay or les or even straight is not the point. The important point is Ill do anything for a friend. Friends that is around me are very important to me, and Ill do anything to protect them especially my close friends and sometimes I do get misunderstood but as long as my friends knows who I am, Im ok with it. So before he got scolding free free from his gf-wanna-be-and-spoiled, better save him and ME! ;p

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dense or Light: Fold or Whisk?

Dear Diary,
         I learned something new today. Well, Im supposed or wanted to make cupcakes for Duween's 9th Birthday this Wednesday. And I picked up the book that Robin bought for me the other day and screen through the whole book and I actually rewind the scan and stopped at Cupcake Wedding Cake. The reason why I choose this recipe is not because is a 'Wedding' cupcake, but its because "Only this recipe that has the metrics for the butter and not using tbsp or lb or whatever!"

        Before I actually started doing this, I did remembered that someone once told me that to fold the flour and this recipe actually asked u to fold the flour not to whisk it or whip it. But then I remembered, the last time I did cupcakes I just whisk it through all the ingredients into the machine and still produced nice delicious cuppies! So I decided to do some digging and what I found is, folding doesnt incorporate air to the flour but whisking will. OK! I have no idea what it does to the actual cake. So being the genius I would call 'me' I would want to be Albert Einstein for tonight and actually experiment it! So I divide the recipe to 2 portion and A is fold and B is whisk.

        So whisk then fold, another one whisk then whisk. Bake. Wallaaa! Let it cool 1st. Wash all the used plates, spoons, whisk, tupperwares and whatever lah that has been used for this genius experiment. Then only tasting time! :D Before that, I actually realized that, the fold method actually rise more then the whisk method. Whisk method did rise, but a little, so if I want to used the whisk method I would want to fill my cuppies a bit more then half of the cuppies case. Ok the tasting part! nom nom nom! The fold method actually produce more dense cake then the whisk. It means, when u bite to Exhibit A you will feel the crumbling of the cake from the top of the cake to the middle to the bottom and you will chew a little bit more laa (unless you are a person that bite and swallow). Exhibit B, the whisk method has produced a cake that is lighter, a bit crunchy at the outer layer (up and bottom) then after that is like bristles runs to your teeth then straight down. And I personally prefer the Exhibit B to be 'My Kind of Cupcake'. <3

       But the only thing that need to be concerned when doing this method. I really need to control the whisking, not to over whisked unless I want my batter to be spoil :( So if anyone who read this part of diary of mine. The Exhibit B method need to be practice and by the way, Practice Makes Perfect :D

      So tomorrow Ill be decorating the cakes, since its already 4am! Ill continue piping and drawing tomorrow. And if Im being an angel, Ill post some pictures tomorrow or the day after and after and after and after ;p A bit whoopie already, so better get going. Goodnight!