Friday, July 19, 2013


Dear Diary,
         The story begins a few days ago when I wanted to make trifle for Iftar. When making the custard I suddenly realized that I had ran out Vanilla Essence (suspend sound PLEASE!!) So as for me trying to be wacky different, think out of the box wanna be I said "Never mind lah! Use what I have only.." 

         Initially I wanted to incorporate lavender leaves with the custard (one portion) and the other portion make it as normal adding vanilla. But since there is no vanilla, so I grated some lemon zest.

        So, there are 2 portion of custard for my trifle both is without vanilla essence! One is lavender custard and the other is lemon custard. The lemon custard is acceptable but you still feel like something is missing (is vanilla essence laaa) so ok whatever. But the lavender custard is really truly horrible!! It taste like EARTH plus cinnamon and rosemary and star anise and EARTH and then custard. It taste wrong.

       But since I have already tasted the taste of lavender, so I decided to give it another try with the presence of vanilla essence and also vary important! I HAD FINELY CHOP THE LEAVES TO FINE FINE FINE CHOP. So the video under is the review. 

      Sorry people, the video review is mostly Im speaking Malay or Bahasa Melayu. It's because it is my first video of making a review so Im a bit nervous and scare if I mumble and say wrong words, hehe ;p But the conclusion is, you can infuse the lavender inside your delicate custard, but make sure its with vanilla essence. I had read about lavender with lemon, but I havent try it yet and therefore, for my future videos, Ill try my best to converse it in English so that all my out-of-sudden reader can understand.



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